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The way and speed carbon flows through the many types of pools of biomass is highly variable. It is very difficult to get parameters for most of the processes that change carbon pools e.g. in the soil, especially when the high variability of the many environmental factors affecting these processes is also to be considered. In addition, several processes and interrelationships are taken linear in the model. In reality, non-linear processes dominate, that is, nonlinear processes are the rule and linear ones are the exceptions.

Because of the above, because of practical reasons, and because CASMOFOR is intended for predictions with the high inherent uncertainties with respect to future, the pools and processes are modelled with details that are described in the help system below.

Since the primary objective of CASMOFOR is to support decisions associated with forestations, it is important to know the total amount of carbon within the whole system over time to the level of accuracy that is necessary for the right decisions to take. By including all available knowledge on forestry systems of Hungary concerning carbon cycle, CASMOFOR attempts to model processes to the required accurately, and helps one to rightly assess the relative importance and magnitude of processes and the overall performance of the forestry systems.

Nevertheless, no responsibility is taken for any data or information associated with CASMOFOR: neither outputs of the model, nor its help system, nor any documents or files that are shipped with the program files.


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