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The model and the full help system can be downloaded from



The program and the model are contained in MS Windows (2000 or XP) based MS Excel (Office 2000, Office XP or higher) files. The program was written in Visual Basic under MS Excel. The help system is implemented in standard web files. Therefore, no special installation is necessary: just unzip all files that are packed in the downloaded file CASMOFOR.ZIP in any directory on your computer. This directory might be named "CASMOFOR" for easy management.

Note that the programs files are found in the main directory, whereas the help files in the "help" directory, respectively. To run the program, open the directory named CASMOFOR, click on the file CASMOFOR.XLS, and follow the instructions. To access the help system, either run the program and click on "Help" or any other help button at various stages, or go to the "help" directory, and click on the "index.html" file.


CASMOFOR is a set of so called macros, which are program commands. The programming environment in MS Excel is the MS Excel Visual Basic. This environment varies with the version of MS Excel. The current version of CASMOFOR has been tested with both MS Office 2003, as well as MS Office 2007. There is one difference between the two with regard to the speed of running: CASMOFOR runs much faster under MS Office 2003. This is because CASMOFOR produces a lot of graphs and tables, and MS Excel 2007 handles all these as fine graphics, and producing all these fine graphics takes time. However, if you allow some one second per simulation year, and then another half minute for the program to conclude, CASMOFOR should run error-free under both versions of Excel. Waiting for new windows to appear when CASMOFOR is running may also take a few seconds. This time is much shorter when running CASMOFOR under MS Excel 2003.

To prevent copmuters from harmful instructions, MS Excel can prevent macros to be executed by setting the security level "medium" or "high" (in Office 2003), or four different levels (in Office 2007, see the picture below).


This does not make it impossible to run CASMOFOR, but you must answer to the question of your system accordingly to enable the macros to run. In Office 2007, one of the windows you may encounter is seen below. You must select the "Enable this content" to run CASMOFOR.


In Office 2003, you must set the security level, before running CASMOFOR, to either "medium", and then press the "Allow macros to run" option button, or "low".

CASMOFOR does not contain any viruses or harmful code.

NOTE: use screen resolution of 1280*1024 or higher to run CASMOFOR. The input windows are programmed, and are always of the same size irrespective of the resolution and size of your display. However, the output windows are graphs the size of which always depends on the resolution and size of the display. Therefore, these output windows, or the various elements of the graphs may look out of proportion or size. This is, however, no problem as you can easily re-format these graphs to fit your display and/or document where you want to copy and store them.

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