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SUFOR: SUstainability of FORest timber production
- an accounting model to assess
how sustainability works in producing and harvesting timber

developed by Zoltán Somogyi, 2012.
Hungarian Forest Research Institute, Budapest

SUFOR stands for SUstainability of FORest timber production. It was built to enable one to assess what happens if we manage our forests in a sustainable way, and if we overharvest it. Such a model is necessary to get a feeling of the concept of "sustainability" - a buzzword that is rarely understood correctly. SUFOR was designed to help analyse many issues related to sustainability. Please refer to the Analysing results section that demonstrates what types of questions can be easily answered by running SUFOR.

SUFOR is mainly for just the demonstration of the concept of sustainability, however, it is a modeling framework that could be used in various situations for which appropriate data is available to model basic forest processes like tree growth and forest management. The model has a user-friendly interface to calibrate the model to standard forestry situations.

The list of latest publications and presentations on the model and its use can be found here.

The issue of sustainability in a broader sense is linked to the one of carbon cycle, in which forests play an important role. See my other model, CASMOFOR in a related site here.

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